Same Day Shipping! Nearest front 10m Im informed and nearest back 12-10m Im informed but Ive not tried it. by andrew013 17 Mar 2018, 09:55, Post 40W FM, 50W (PEP) AM. Honestly, I love that I've pulled so many of you guys back down here into the CB gutter, hahaha. Go To the Pearce Simpson Super Lion MKII Mods Page R232 if I remember. by CBR1100XX 01 Jul 2017, 06:10, Return to CB & 11m Multi-Mode Radio Equipment Discussion, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited, Prosilver Dark Edition by Premium phpBB Styles. Go To the Radio Shack TRC-485 Mods Page If you don't mind a little advice why don't you get your Tech license and buy a used 2 meter rig and talk on the local repeaters ? BUT its now out there already! Go To the Emperor TS 5010 Expansion Page as yall may have noticed i ask a ton or 2 of questions befor i buy stuff . Post - RF Power. Go To the Realistic TRC 485 Mods Page You would be surprised how many miss R269 when reversing the modifications and wonder why SSB power is low and sounds distorted. Cart is empty. Go To the Eagle Tomahawk Mods Page Go To the President / Uniden Grant XL Mods Page Go To the General Grant (EPT690010Z) Mods Page Go To the PRO-500 D, PRO-510 XL, PRO-520 XL Mods Page ), Re: President Lincoln II+ V3 (how to unlock for 11 meters? And this happened the same week my Uncle passed away. Go To the Cherokee CBS1000 Mods Page For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. you have been warned ! JavaScript is disabled. It has features that I' still learning about. i may very well put them to use and go meet some local pork butts . The WorldwideDX Radio Forum was originally established in 2001. if not sorry. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Albrecht AE6110 VOX Engineer Mode IMG_2009.jpg, Bedienungsanleitung President_Bill_II_VOX-deutsch-.pdf. I see that you live in Richmond VA, here is a link to the Richmond Amateur Radio Club, used=kenwood ts 50 longer manufactured fair on am but not a screamer. Balaruc-les-Bains - RF Power - 50 W AM (PEP) / 35 W FM / 35W USB-LSB (PEP) / 12W CW. In Europe all shit flies and denials when these things are mentioned. I second the yaesu 757GX series radiosthe GXII was a pretty nice one. Tube, solid state or hybrid? That, sir, is a damn fine specimen! You are using an out of date browser. Also , it makes the whole final stage really narrow . Put your money into a antenna system instead. Go To the GME TX404N, GME TX 830N Mods Page Go To the Albrecht AE201S Mods Page Go To the Danita 1608 Mods Page (All else the same). The management works very hard to make sure the community is running the best software, best designs, and all the other bells and whistles. (took longer to find a Carbon Film, 1/4 watt, 1000 ohms, 5% resistor than to do the work.) Go To the Maycom EM 27 Mods Page Go To the President / Uniden Grant (uPD858) Mods Page Go To the Cybernet UK 27/81 Mods Page Go To the President / Uniden Grant Export (PC999) Mods Page It is required by FCC regulations that you have a license to transmit on these frequencies. Get all the latest information on events,sales and offers. Bought a President Lincoln II+ a couple of months ago. Go To the Uniden PC-76 Mods Page (continuous scanning of 24.890 Mhz to 24.990 Mhz and of 28.000 Mhz to 29.700 Mhz) - Volume adjustment and ON/OFF. The President RICHARD gives you the performance and flexibility you need at a price you can afford. Go To the President Herbert Mods Page If you want a great talking solid radio, get yourself a Uniden PC78, have a good tech do a 2sc1969 final and or NPC mod. DWALL did you not ask this same question on another forum? by Tib2K 29 Jun 2017, 15:54, Post It was tube. I moved on to other radios, including CB's. Go To the Cherokee AH 100 Handheld Mods Page They don't have the fancy do dads but they are a bullit proof radio that will last. This is some handy software that I wrote to assist with modificationsby telling you what is possible and what frequencies will be generated for a given PLL type and radio chassis, it can also help teach people more about the theoretical operation of different CB types. Go To the Galaxy FC347 Frequency Counter Mods Page I guess it's all in how you look at it. by 14CS06 17 Feb 2015, 20:42. cb4ever104 wrote: Hi All . CBR1100XX. by Tib2K 25 Jun 2017, 20:41, Post Main rule for best antenna performance: "More the antenna is long, better are the performances." Go To the Uniden PC-66 And PC-66A Mods Page You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. The place to talk about specific radios, equipment and accessories. RICHARD v1.02- Franais / English / Espaol / Portugus / Polski -, Antennas recommended for this transceiver, Your email will not be displayed. Go To the President Jackson Mods Page Seek a expert or ask Service\Dealer dept first,your request and why,they may surprise you if you can talk directly to the Engineer,most are pretty switched on people in Industry,and often dont hear direct feedback on an issue either by email or phone,or even snail-mail,its no good moaning on chat forums either,speak directly to dealer of manufacture if radios has a new production issue or has a particular problem try to resolve issue there. Go To the President Harrison Mods Page CB Radio - Ham Radio - LINCOLN II + - Rotary switch and Up/down channel selector - VFO Mode (continuous scanning of 24.890 Mhz to 24.990 Mhz and of 28.000 Mhz to 29.700 Mhz) Not too bad, huh? The President Richard is the best bang for the buck. Go To the Cherokee AH 27 Handheld Mods Page i have kinda in my mind flirted with the idea of getting a ticket and i find im thinking about it more lately . Thank you! Go To the Magnum Delta Force Mods Page Go To the Cobra 148 GTL DX Mods Page Go To the President / Uniden Washington (MB8719) Mods Page But maybe you have to realign the 16mhz oscillator after replacing the resistor. - VFO Mode. Hmm ) Oh yeah , they also become very illegal on the 11 meter band. I believe it is fairly simple to open up for general coverage transmit, too, although not as simple as the '757. 7th March 1999, Click Here to load this page into my sites frames. News from Richie Radio Brooklyn in the USA of the top secret as he states engineer menu on the recently released President Richard. I wouldn't replace R232 with a wire. thank you. As to the quality of signal aspect you pointed out, I think this may, in part, be due to the fact that the President radios seem to be much more "closed designed". (H), Metric Dimensions: 170 mm (W) x 160 mm (D) x 52 mm (H), CB Antenna Connector Type: SO-239 (UHF Female). Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2005 - 6:07 pm: yaesu ft-757gx is a good radio for conversion to 11m. There is no excuse for that. The carrier hiss is sometimes louder than the modulation. It features talkback, VOX, PA, AM/FM Mode switch and built-in ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) filter. Care to buy us a beer? Re: President RICHARD CEPT to export mode. Any info would be appreciated, Agree,if your not got the correct test equipment ie a proper calibrated Radio communications test-set and the proper skills (Thats does not mean two U-tube videos- self proclaimed hobby engineer types out there) and all the test jigs,special cables,full service manual ,leave well alone,or seek expert who has or request dealer to do so,as these new CB cannot be reset back to default values as each one has be aligned specific to radio on test.The data is stored in a chip,as now all these sets use electronic methods to adjust levels,just like Land Mobile Radios do it,if you screw up a level then store it,you can end up having all sorts of troubles and chances are,when you try to correct your mistake,you will further muck up the levels.These new CB are just like the Land Mobile Radio types with a lot of engineering functions,tracking front end,band-pass filtering,VCO coverage range,CTCSS,Deviation top,mid ,bottom of band,RF power band pass ,RSSI,Squelc levels, etc. Go To the Comanche Warrior Freq. Doing that will get you 10 more watts of peak power if your lucky. . You are using an out of date browser. Are they in need of some professional tweaking, most likely as manufactures play it safe by err on the side of caution at a slight cost in performance to avoid problems from the FCC. I wouldn't buy a Galaxy CB for nothing. Go To the Alan 9001 Expansion Page Re: President Lincoln II+ V3 (how to unlock for 11 meters?) - Manual squelch and ASC. Go To the Cobra 150 GTL Mods Page Hands-on experience. learn to become a Professional Radio engineer for Skills (it takes time) and get into radio 2 way radio industry.,you may even get some good RF burns on the way while learning! All such activities are undertaken at the readers discretion and own risk. Why waste your time and money on an inferior, more expensive radio when the Richard is a perfect fit for your Freightliner Cascadia, Kenworth, Peterbilt or International Truck. Took it out of the Peterbilt rack mount to swap in an older (2014) Galaxy DX99v2 that just came off the bench. Go To the Galaxy DX77HML Mods Page Go To the Midland 13-113 Mods Page Go To the Cobra 148F GTL DX+ Mods Page by cb4ever104 18 Feb 2015, 08:20, Post A. Alan 42 DS (Via Online Radio) Alan 42 DS RV101 Squelch RV102 TX S-Meter RV201 RF S-Meter (RX) RV202 RF Power RV203 AM Modulation RV501 FM Deviation at on-radio-shop. Go To the Superstar KF VI Frequency Counter Page Go To the Ranger RCI 6900F Mods Page Thats my 2 pence worth on this subject Simon,just be careful kids and use that grey matter! Connecting a wire between holes works. Common Sense applies here. The reason you hear a better quality of signal with current President radios may be due to the fact that they. RICHARD The RICHARD is a dedicated 10 meter ham radio and the mid-range model. , 0,7 V -110 dBm (AM) / 0,35 V -116 dBm (FM), mini 0.2 V - 120 dBm / maxi 1 mV - 47 dBm. President Richard Test Mode . A 1.8k does the job. With the RICHARD, you can communicate on the 10 meter band at optimal range with less interference, and all at minimal cost. Go To the Galaxy FC148 Frequency Counter Mods Page President offer the longest warranty repair so contact your dealer or them directly as its better than google search repair, The original text included a video, however this was deleted as it was not showing correctly with an error. then turn to distorted trash within a week after someone would get in there with a screwdriver! go figure huh ? Go To the Zachary T Mods Page, This counter shows the number of hits since the by 14CS06 17 Feb 2015, 20:42, Post Something like $40 - $50 dollars and you got enough wire for an antenna on all of them bands. Go To the Magnum 257 Mods Page Sign up for our newsletter today! RICHARD - President 50 Watt PEP 10 Meter Radio . An in-depth look at the President Richard 10/11m radio including the export mod and engineering menu. I have been a trucker for 33 years and was tired of conversations that ended up in name calling or worse. by cb4ever104 17 Mar 2018, 11:26, Post Go To the Galaxy DX2517 Mods Page I have already done the above with top results, but I wont divulge values so not to encourage messers to void their warranty. Go To the Galaxy 66V Mods Page I remember back in the 80's there were a lot of kitchen table radio techs tweaking and tuning to the point where they transmitted the loudest garbled distorted noise I ever heard! (This link will open in another window) This is some handy software that I wrote to assist with modificationsby telling you what is possible and what frequencies will be generated for a given PLL type and radio chassis, it can also help teach people more about the theoretical operation of different CB types. Go To the General Stonewall Jackson Mods Page In other words, the work necessary to modify these radios may be too much for the effect that is gained. by cb4ever104 29 Jul 2020, 10:05, Return to CB & 11m Multi-Mode Modification & Repair, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited, Prosilver Dark Edition by Premium phpBB Styles. You must log in or register to reply here. I think most new CB's sold today will sound good right out of the box. Go To the President Richard Mods Page ", yeap ,it's simply a easier way to get more power and a lot more channels concering cb , (You mean to tell me Hams really use those radios? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Go To the Voyage VR9000 Mods Page Despite it's "old school" appearance (with analogue meter) this radio is packed with features, accessed through a menu system, from variable power to built-in echo.
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